Financial Advisor Marketing
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Are you a financial advisor frustrated with the lack of traffic to your website? Do you find yourself asking why, despite all of your hard work, it seems like no one is engaging with the content on your site? It can be incredibly disheartening when you put time and resources into creating professional websites that people simply do not take the time to view. It can be even more frustrating when advisors from your study group report that they capture and convert leads that lead to AUM growth, consistently, month after month, while your website converts a non-stop barrage of vendors trying to sell you something. You may be inclined to believe that these successful peers are outliers and are just better than you at 'marketing on the web.' The truth, however, is your website is underperforming because you do not have an optimized site that is set up to target specific keyword phrases in a way that speaks to Googles Algorithm correctly -- and you lack a backlink strategy that helps you win a mathematical algorithmic popularity contest that you don't even know to exist. Purchasing 'canned' web content and blogs is certainly convenient but is not a viable strategy to rank for keywords and capture leads that generate AUM. In this blog post, we will dive into why financial advisor sites that use purchased content fail to attract meaningful visitor traffic and meaningful engagement that leads to increased AUM. Understanding why purchased content fails to drive traffic and conversions Understanding...